Ship’s History of USS LST #268

Just another scrappy, unsung amphib---veteran of seven major invasions----that’s the USS LST #268.

Commissioned in August 1943, one of the first LST’s built by the American Bridge Co., at Ambridge, Pa.; the new “flat-bottomed express” proudly rode the crest of the Mississippi to the delta city of New Orleans.  Prophesying things to come, the ship battered its way through a storm reaching hurricane proportions to reach Guantanamo, the sole member of the convoy to arrive at her destination.  All the rest had been forced to turn back.

Proceeding to Pearl Harbor, the 268 joined a service squadron; spending several months delivering much needed supplies to our outposts at the Ellice Islands, and the helping in the support phases of the invasions of Tarawa and Makin.  It was at Makin that the “green ship” saw its first enemy action.  Jap bombers, swooping in low, dropped their deadly load on the beach.  When they’d been chased from the skies a short while later, it was discovered that bomb craters lay 500 yards to the starboard, 400 yards, 300 yards, 200 yards, and 100 yards----and that the last crater was but 100 yards to port.  Fantastic, but true----the ship had been completely straddled but un-hit.


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