Feel free to view some PDF files documenting the glorious history of USS LST 268:

Ports of Call Record
A 6-page handwritten record of the ports of call for USS LST 268 during it's history from August 6, 1943 - March 24, 1948.

USS LST 268 Diagram
A very interesting isometric projection of USS LST 268 from January 19, 1944 showing the various decks of the ship and location of cargo holds, crew areas, bridge, engine rooms, etc.

Map of the Pacific, Displaying Voyages
A black and white map displaying the movements of USS LST 268 in red ink.

Navy Service Ribbons and Operation and Engagement Stars for LST 268
As written on May 15, 1945.

Brief History of Ship
A letter from W.T. Brooks, Commanding Officer to The Secretary of the Navy, dated October 3, 1945.

USS LST 268 Reunions - a listing of the attendees at the fifteen reunions.

USS LST 268 Deceased - with last known address and wife's name, if known.


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